Charles Darwin/Second Voyage around the world, by Luca Novelli

( In viaggio con Darwin )

Remake of Darwin's voyage on the bicentennial of his birth, DarwinDay2009.


First, Second and Third Book - Fabbri/Rizzoli/Rcs libri - Milan - Italy



"He can still communicate the pleasure of discovery, the pleasure of the unusual instinct for truth. Luke really does feel like one of our contemporary Darwin, who would be surprised, perhaps even more of us, of which continue to face strong resistance his ideas, considered too subversive to the established constellation of prejudice. "

Giulio Giorello

(From the preface to volume 3, June 2008)



"It 's a book where Charles Darwin first person tells his extraordinary journey, but many details are often important and sometimes incredible, the great scientist could now show them to us if Novell had not correctly return the freshness that had been subtracted from historiography sometimes more celebratory than scientific. "

Enrico Banfi

Director of the Museum of Natural History in Milan (June 2006)

"Luca Novelli, which brilliantly combines scientific knowledge, skills' outreach and quality 'art before us again the extraordinary journey of Darwin in a historical situation, the current, very different from that of the first half' of the nineteenth century. "

Gianfranco Bologna

Scientific Director of WWF Italy (June, 2007)

"It's an explicit invitation to deal with major current problems of humanity and the environment, without forgetting the past, but using it reasonably to help themselves at the service of science in sustainable development. "

Daniele Jalla, President of the Italian Committee of ICOM (International Council of Museums - UNESCO) (June 2007).





On February 12, 2009 two hundred years have passed from Darwin's birth and Darwin Day will be celebrated. It will be a very important international event and scientists and institutions in the different countries are already on work.

For this occasion Luca Novelli, the popular science author, proposed the scientific community to repeat the voyage Darwin did between December 1831 and October 1836, in order to re-write - with the knowledges we have nowadays -"The voyage of the Beagle".



This project, sponsored by WWF and ICOM (International Council of Museums-Unesco),takes the author and a group of scientists to visit the places Darwin visited two hundred years ago, describing places of remarkable scientific and naturalistic interest, but also full of symbols of peace and environmental protection.


In these books, Charles Darwin in first person tells this new voyage around the world. Darwin doesn't travel anymore on Beagle brigantine, but on modern ships, planes, trains, rubber dinghies or fiberglass boats. He describes with astonishment the innumerable novelties, together with the description of woods, villages and people he meets, and compares what he sees now with what he remembers and described in his first book, "The voyage of the Beagle". The result is a modern adventure, full of information, anecdotes, historical characters and real people. The books contain drawings and pictures Luca Novelli collected during his voyage and researches.


In the appendix you'll find the list of National Parks websites, protected areas and Natural History museums he visited during the voyage.


The editorial project: Charles Darwin - The second voyage around the world

Three books, colour and B/W illustrations, 192-208 pages

1 - Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego (publishing date: October 2006)

2 - Chile, Peru, Galapagos (publishing date: October 2007)

3 - Tahiti, New Zealand, Tasmania, Australia, Cocos-Keeling (publishing date: October 2008)


The collection of the three books in one single book:

"Charles Darwin/The second voyage around the world".